The Grand Challenge Series of munich_i

an international competition in robot manipulation

Robothon® 2022 -


Are you interested in the Robothon®, would you like to be part of it and prove yourself next year? Then send us your contact details and you and your team will be the first to know how it goes next year!


Robothon® will take place digitally again

next year from 29 April to 25 May, 2022!

Robothon® 2021

What is the Robothon® 2021 Grand Challenge?

Robothon® Teams 2021

Robothon® KEY FACTS

  • THIS YEAR we kick-off of the Robothon® Grand Challenge series as an ALL DIGITAL multi-week competition to occur every two years at automatica.

  • Up to 20 international teams

of 2 - 5 members to compete

using their own robot platform

  • The Grand Challenge Jury comprised of renowned international thought leaders

  • Selected teams will receive a competition task board to demonstrate skills in

Robotic disassembly

and sorting of

electronic waste".

  • Teams need to solve 5 tasks of increasing complexity with a single-arm robot over a 1-month period verified with a video stream.

  • Teams will receive up to 20.000 € in Cash Prizes

Who are WE?

munich_i is a newly created hightech platform of automatica, Messe München and the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), in order to make a positive contribution to anchoring key technologies in society and industry. The mission here is to drive responsible technological change that puts people at the center of future thinking and action. munich_i 2021 will be held at automatica sprint at Messe München as a hybrid format regarding the current pandemic situation. The Robothon® is one of the 4 parts of munich_i!

Next to the Robothon®, munich_i inspires with:

  • Hightech Summit presents important insights of leading international personalities in science and economy

  • AI.Society, an outstanding exhibition enable visitors to experience groundbreaking Robotic and AI initiatives

  • Robot driver's license forging human-robot-collaboration for young and old

What DRIVES us?

To bring together a community of researchers and practitioners to tackle modern societal challenges with robotics.

To offer young talents the opportunity to participate actively and engage with industry partners in shaping how robotics is used in science & industry.

To engage with industry to highlight relevant and interesting issues: Disassembling and sorting e-waste is unfortunately still a challenge for the industry in the 21st century.

To share meaningful contributions, be recognized by the community and get discovered at automatica.

JOIN us!

Sponsors and Challenge Setters are welcome to get in touch any time.


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