Robothon® FAQ


  • WHEN is the challenge?

The challenge will start on 14 May 2021. All teams will be given one month to work on the tasks. The live presentation for the jury will take place on 15 & 16 June 2021. The winning teams will be informed one week before 22 June, and will be awarded digital during the Hightech Summit at automatica sprint.

  • WHERE is the challenge?

The Robothon® takes place 100 % digital as a part of munich_i and will be integrated in the automatica sprint exhibition in Munich.

  • What is the GRAND CHALLENGE 2021?

This year's Robothon® Grand Challenge examines how single arm manipulators can accelerate the implementation of a circular economy. This event specifically looks at how robots can be used in the disassembly and sorting of electronic waste.

  • WHAT do Teams NEED for the challenge?

All teams are kindly asked to use their own development computer, robot and tools. Each team will receive a modified task board as part of being selected for to participate in the competition as well as a competition scorecard prior to the event. Find more information here about our minimum platform requirements. For further questions please send an email to

  • When does the Robothon® START ?

The Challenge starts on 14 May, CEST 5 p.m.!

  • For this purpose, a digital appointment will be arranged in advance

  • in addition, all teams will receive the modified task board in advance by mail

  • the scorecard, rules and guidelines will be sent to all teams during the digital appointment!

  • What TASKS do I have to fulfill AFTER the START on 14 MAY?

  • You & your team work one month on the task

  • create & send a video (5 min. max) with

    • short introduction of the team

    • how each task was worked out in detail

    • how your work could make an impact on e-waste

  • AND a document (1 - 2 pages)

    • what tools have been used

    • and name any modifications on the robot platform for this challenge

The pre-recorded video, the document as well as the live presentation are included in the jury's evaluation!

  • YOU´VE BEEN SELECTED! What do you need to do?

A detailed event schedule will follow once your participation has been confirmed. Please feel free to contact us at any time at


  • WHO can apply?

All interested roboticists over 18 are encouraged to apply. Each team application is reviewed by our Grand Challenge Jury.

  • Can one apply ALONE?

No, we only accept applications from teams of two to five people.

  • HOW to apply?

Interested teams can apply using the form. Team applications include:

  • our name & a short CV (incl. photo) of each team member

  • a paragraph of your team's motivation for participating in this event

  • a picture of the robot system

  • a paragraph describing your capabilities with your robot platform

  • a short video about your previous work

  • a paragraph describing your capabilities with your robot platform (Changes during the preparation period must be reported early in writing to!)

  • When is the application DEADLINE?

Applications will be accepted until 30 April 2021 23:59 CEST. Selected teams will be notified at the beginning of May 2021.

  • Is there a registration FEE?

No, there is no application fee for the Robothon® Grand Challenge.


  • What is munich_i?

A joint project of automatica and the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) to bring together science, business, politics and start-ups to shape the future progress in AI and robotics. The four parts of the project are: the Hightech Summit, the AI.Society, the Robot driver's license and the Robothon® .

automatica is an international trade fair for automation. The trade fair offers a platform for manufacturers and users of assembly and handling technology, industrial robotics and professional service robotics as well as industrial image processing. The industry-driven concept of Automatica is backed by Messe München GmbH and the VDMA Robotics + Automation as the conceptual and technical sponsors of the trade fair.

Due to the pandemic, an interim solution was sought in 2021 and thus Messe München is expanding its portfolio with a compact, new hybrid event format: the automatica sprint. With a clear focus on customer dialog and the first opportunity for the community to meet again in person, this innovative event is a contemporary response to the current situation.

The Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, founded by The Technical University of Munich (TUM) as an Integrative Research Center in the field of robotics and machine intelligence, to develop innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions for central challenges of our time.

Still have questions? Send as an email to