Team Live Presentations

Team RoboTHIx (Germany)

Affiliation: Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt |Esplanade 10 | 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany |

Team: Rupert Bauernfeind, Thanaancheyan Thavapalan, Fatih Sezgin, Hermann Hampel, Prof. Dr. Christian Pfitzner

Manipulator: Kuka iiwa LBR4

Gripper: Schunk electric pinch gripper, Electromagnet

Sensors: Built-in Arm Force Sensors

Motivation: To provide a “family” learning environment where students can get involved in interdisciplinary projects with laboratories and businesses to prepare for professional life. Scientific challenges like the Robothon Grand Challenge enable students to perform better, deep dive into state-of-the-art topics, and help to build up professional networks. The team is highly motivated to demonstrate their abilities in image processing, artificial intelligence and manipulation.

Team RoboPig (Germany)

Affiliation: University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS)

Team: Elhasan Mohammed, Desmond Fomelack, Felix Pagels, Prof. Tobias Kaupp

Manipulator: Universal Robots UR5e

Gripper: Robotiq Hand-E gripper 85mm

Sensors: Intel Realsense D435

Motivation: Our motivation to participate in the Robothon competition stems from the following strategic objectives of the FHWS:

The establishment of Schweinfurt as the robotics competency hub in Northern Bavaria, supporting the Mainfranken regional industry in their needs to automate production processes and to support their employees. Robotic automation is crucial in order to keep the production facilities in Germany and therefore saves jobs. Besides ZF, companies working with CERI include Schaeffler AG, Siemens AG, Fresenius Medical Care, Linde Material Handling and multiple SMEs.

The expansion of technical competencies in the area of robotic manipulation and vision at CERI and PTCRV. Those competencies will be applied to related research projects and incorporated into teaching of the abovementioned “B.Eng. Robotics” course.

The fostering of collaboration between a university and an industry partner. Industry is interested in qualified engineers, the university of applied sciences is interested in a hands- on education for their students and real-world use cases for research.

Last but not least - having fun!

Team Ewas (Italy)

Affiliation: University of Brescia / STIIMA-CNR

Team: Michele Delledonne, Marco Faroni, Cesare Tonola, Stefano Mutti,

Giorgio Nicola

Manipulator: Universal Robots UR10

Gripper: Robotiq 2F-85

Sensors: Microsoft Azure Kinect, Intel Realsense D435

Motivation: STIIMA C.N.R. is a research institute with a long expertise on research in robotics from motion planning to robot control with a particular focus on industrial robotics. Being an institute of the National Research Council of Italy, one of the missions of the institute is the technology transfer from research to real-world applications thanks to public-private joint research projects, European funded projects, and robotic competitions. In the last years, STIIMA C.N.R., in collaboration with University of Brescia and University of Padova, has been involved in 5 H2020 European Projects on topics related to Robothon2021 (FourbyThree, Eureca, PickPlace, Sharework, DrapeBot), 1 public-private joint research project (Made4Lo), and it has also joined the robotic competition EuRoC achieving as final results 3rd place over 20 competitors. We believe that Robothon2021 is the perfect occasion to test and confront with the robotic community the results of our research in the last years. Indeed, Robothon2021 presents a challenging scenario for disassembly where our previously developed algorithms for assembly and disassembly applications can be further tested and improved.

Team RAND-E (Egypt)

Affiliation: Ain Shams University

Team: Abdelrhman Gamil, Youssef Afiifi, Jhaled Elenany, Mohammed Alsheikh, Amr Fadlalla

Manipulator: ABB IRB120

Gripper: Festo Parallel Gripper HGP-16-A-B-SSK

Sensors: Intel Realsense D435, ATI Gamma 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor

Motivation: As of 2020, only 5% of the E-waste in Egypt is recycled, with the challenge of disassembling products being the major hurdle in the way of increasing that percentage. As a team, we have been developing a solution using our ABB IRB120 robot since last August with various degrees of success. This competition provides us with the opportunity to share our successful contributions with other teams, and to learn from their own endeavors.

Team Wall-E 2.0 (Germany)

Affiliation: Technical University of Munich

Team: Hyunjun Jung, Florian Pachler, Patrick Ruhkamp, Felix Sygulla, Jonas Wittmann

Manipulator: Franka Emika Panda

Gripper: Franka Emika Hand

Sensors: Intel Realsense D435i

Motivation: The first generation of Wall-E in 2008 was surely a sophisticated approach for an electronic waste disposal system. Within the Robothon 2021 Digital we would like to integrate the latest developments in computer vision research as well as robotic path planning strategies into a second generation. Therefore, we integrate the competences of both the Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality (TUM) and the Chair of Applied Mechanics (TUM) into a single system and we are looking forward to compete with robotics researchers from all around the world.

Stevens' Lab (USA)

Affiliation: Stevens Institute of Technology

Team: Kevin Gmelin Jr., Qianwen Zhao, Dr. Long Wang

Manipulator: Universal Robots UR5

Gripper: Custom

Sensors: Intel Realsense D435, OnRobot Hex E QC Force Torque Sensor

Motivation: We believe we can solve this task because of our custom-built low-cost underactuated robotic hand (TRO 2020, also seen below). One of our motivations for wanting to participate in the Robothon competition is because we would like to apply our custom robotic hand to a more practical task to test the limits of it’s performance. We also believe we can solve this task because we have experience in robot manipulator controls. Furthermore, we purchased and will be receiving the OnRobot Hex E QC force/torque sensor and would like to use this competition as a means of implementing and testing that sensor in combination with our current hardware. Our experience in force/motion hybrid control (JMR 2017) will help us in using that sensor to solve the tasks of the Robothon competition.

Team Schmalkalden (Germany)

Affiliation: Hochschule Schmalkalden

Team: Ohad Bin Ilyas, Konka Yamini, Sourabh Naik, Sutariya Uday, Zahir Ali

Manipulator: IGUS RL-D-RBT55325-BF

Gripper: Festo Pneumatic Gripper

Sensors: Logitech C270

Motivation: Our main objective is to complete the competition task with a low-cost solution and within limited resources we have. So, for competition we took advantage of a robot with B&R PLC installed in Hochschule Schmalkalden lab.

Team ECODOBO (India)

Affiliation: Robotics Innovations Lab, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM), Indian Institute of Science

Team: M J Niegil Francis, Vishnu TP, Asst. Prof. Abhra Roy Chowdhury

Manipulator: Dobot Magician / Universal Robots UR5

Gripper: AG95 Gripper

Sensors: Intel Realsense D435

Motivation: Due to the rising use of electronic gadgets in India, e-waste management has become an increasingly daunting task. There are many slum areas in urban cities in India that poorly manage their e-waste. Due to these small regions of unmanaged waste disposal, recycling waste material becomes difficult. In addition to this, most established e-waste recycling plants in India overlook the safety of their labourers, causing them to work in hazardous environments, reducing their life expectancy. The labourers employed in these plants come from poor and uneducated backgrounds making them more susceptible to being exploited as they are not aware of the safety measures to be followed.

As a solution to increasing landfills and poor working conditions of e-waste management plants, we formed a team to spearhead the automation of e-waste segregation and bring awareness to the neglected e-waste management in the country. Being part of one of the leading research institutes in the country, we believe that our participation in the competition will pave the way for the development of large scale automated and sustainable e-waste management plants. Furthermore, employees of such plants would be assigned to oversee the operation without coming in direct contact with e-waste toxins.

Team PandariaOne (Germany)

Affiliation: Technical University of Munich

Team: Kuo-Yi Chao, Johannes Ackermann, Shengzhi Wang, Xiao Chen,

Sebastian Bader

Manipulator: Franka Emika Panda

Gripper: Franka Emika Hand

Sensors: Intel Realsense D435

Motivation: As young and highly motivated students, we have won the Student Robothon Challenge of MSRM in 2020. Each of us has a different robotic background. We have good knowledge in computer vision, robot control but also in machine learning. As a team, we are confident to solve the tasks of the Robothon - The Grand Challenge 2021.