Robothon® 2021 Results and Award Ceremony

Robothon® 2021 Award Ceremony & Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the winning teams!

  • 1st Place (shared): Team RoboTHIx & Team RoboPig each receiving 10,000 sponsored by Huawei

  • Runner Up: Team Ewas receiving 1,000 sponsored by Franka Emika

  • Special "Lightspeed" Award: Team RAND-E receiving 2,000 sponsored by Prof. Dr. Hirzinger and Franka Emika

All teams were evaluated based on their robot platforms autonomous performance via their live presentation to the Grand Jury using their own competition task board over Zoom video conferencing. Teams are ranked by total accumulated task points and their total task completion time.

The winners of the Robothon® 2021 Grand Challenge were announced during a live studio recording at the automatica sprint Hightech Summit. If you couldn't make it to the live event, you can also view the recording here.

Team Solutions

Qualified teams were given 4-weeks to develop a completely autonomous solution to the competition task board for e-waste handling and recycling. Each team received the task board by mail and used their own robot platform to demonstrate their performance. Below are the un-cut video submissions of each team prior to their live demonstration with the Grand Jury.

Team RoboTHIx - Shared 1st Place

Team RoboPig - Shared 1st Place

Team Ewas - Runner Up