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Kaa IoT Web Dashboards connect remote teams at home

Kaa-powered competition task boards were equipped with a microprocessor which recorded performance data related to the challenge's tasks which enabled teams to compete on a fair playing field without incurring the often overlooked expense and difficulty of shipping their team and complex robot platform to the trade show. Read More

Livestream Studio at Messe München

The winners of the Robothon Grand Challenge were announced LIVE during the premium noon hour spot at the Hightech Summit at automatica sprint. The ceremony was produced in a brand new professional studio constructed at the Messe München. Continue reading to view the team results and watch the uncut video submissions of each team. Read More

Teams present autonomous solutions to the Grand Jury

over Zoom

Robothon® Teams were sent a competition IoT Task Board and given four weeks to develop an autonomous robot solution. At the end of the development period, each team presented their solution to a live jury over a Zoom conference call. A microcontroller on the task board provides a millisecond accurate trial clock and verifies the completion of each sub task which closes an electrical circuit. Each teams' trial performance is broadcast to a public facing web dashboard to provide a fair and transparent competition... Read More

9 selected teams from 3 continents meet for the first time at the Digital Kickoff Event

On Friday, 14 May, 2021, we kicked off the Robothon® competition with a live digital event over Zoom with over 55 participants. Our star-studded panel consisted of our very own Director of munich_i Prof. Sami Haddadin (TUM), Jury Chairs Prof. Gerd Hirzinger (DLR) and Prof. Tamim Asfour (KIT)... Read More